Prof.Surendra Prasad  
Director, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

 IIT Delhi celebrates the commencement  of its Golden Jubilee Year.

 From its humble beginning as a College of Engineering in 1961, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, is entering the 50th glorious year of its academic life. Yes, it is a time to celebrate, to introspect, to consolidate and to plan for its future. That is what we intend to do in the year+ long Golden Jubilee celebrations of IIT Delhi – a dream destination for students, faculty, researchers and a place where teamwork is second nature for everyone. 

The Golden Jubilee celebrations were  formally launched on 16th August 2010 marking the beginning of a year in which the IITD family is going to join forces with all its stakeholders. As we celebrate we also hope to conceive and start new initiatives to take IITD to its next level in the next decade, and help join the league of the truly great institutions of the World. I invite you to join in this effort. 

We have drawn an elaborate program of activities through the year.  I am sure that there will be several activities in which you would like to participate or events that you can attend. I extend a warm invitation to you on behalf of the entire Institute community to join the excitement and create a roadmap for the future. I extend this invitation to all: faculty, staff, students, alumni and all well-wishers. Come join hands with us in understanding the making of a great institution, its traditions, its achievements and its tryst with destiny. I also invite you to consider how you can contribute to its greatness in the future. Indirectly, all of us, individually and collectively, can contribute to its glory by excelling in what we do ourselves, as alumni, faculty, staff and students. More directly, any contributions that will help it improve its infrastructure and attract the best faculty and student talent will be greatly appreciated. 

Before I close this short invitation message, I would like to recall the great contributions of a number of stalwarts, past and present, who made great sacrifices to make this institute what it is today. We bow to these great souls and pay our homage to those who are not amongst us today, but who will continue to rule the hearts and minds of all those, whose destiny crosses with that of this great Institute. This Golden Jubilee is dedicated to these souls.